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Dogs About Town is inspired by dogs and powered by humans, Jo, Kate & Chloe who know that you’ve got the absolute best dog in the world, who deserves the very best raw food.

Jo is owned by Boxers, Dexter & Maisie while Kate & Chloe belong to Standard Schnauzer, Charlie & Vizsla Jake.


Jo, Chloe and Kate do most of the hard work,  whilst Dexter, Maisie, Charlie & Jake do the fun stuff.

Dexter is Pack leader and chief tester and he takes his role very seriously. He’s also the reason everyone and every dog at Dogs About Town is a raw feeding advocate (read more about his raw food journey here) and if your dog needs help with allergies then Dexter highly recommends the veg free raw food selection, it get's his waggy-tailed seal of approval.

Maisie is our rescue girl who is currently working as VP in charge of chews (although she’s got her eye on Charlie’s treat tester role).  If your dog needs something to chew on (that's not your furniture!) Maisie can recommend a pizzle, tripe stick, fish skin or dental treat that's perfect for them.

Then comes Charlie, the gorgeous Black Standard Schnauzer and yes, he has the coveted role of number 1 treat taster, he’s pretty fussy when it comes to snacks so if a treat passes his taste test, we know its good.  Grain-free, handmade, liver or fishy - if you're looking for a super tasty and healthy treat for your dog, Charlie's got you and them covered.

And lastly, there’s Jake, the fabulous Vizsla. Being the youngest in the pack, he’s on his apprenticeship and working his way round all departments. When Jake was a pup he was SUUPPPERRR fussy! So if your pup is a little bit choosey don't worry we've been there 🐶

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Between them, Jo, Kate, Chloe and the dogs have selected a collection of raw food, healthy treats, super supplements and the occasional meaty bone that you can be sure is the highest quality for your furry friend. 

Much of the collection is made by small producers who we know and trust to make quality products for their dogs and yours.  And because they know that you’ve got the best dog in the world, they’re on hand to answer any questions about your dog's raw feeding adventure. 

You can call them on 01494 706 600 or email them at woof@dogsabouttown.co.uk – even if just to talk about your dog. Especially, to talk about your dog! 🐶

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