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Sunday, March 01, 2015

On the hunt for Cool Stuff!

Charlie here... Another day out where I wasn’t allowed to go! But I SUPPOSE it was all in a good cause! My She spent the day yesterday at PATS – one of the UK’s largest trade exhibitions for all things PETS with 140 exhibitors - on the hunt for Cool stuff!

Now frankly I’m not nearly as cool as my mate Dexter the Boxer but I like to think I can pull it off and as one of the main Dogs About Town Testers I am definitely looking forward to the next few weeks.So watch out for me modelling some super Cool Collars – hand made from the finest leather in London or lounging in my new uber cool bed- not yet available in the UK but coming soon all the way from the very cool and glamorous Miami. Or how about playing with some (almost!) indestructible colourful toys and finishing it all off with a snack from a fabulously designed sleek new dog bowl?Watch this space and don’t forget to tell us if you’ve come across any Cool doggy accessories as we’re always on the hunt for new and different things.


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