About Us



We're Dexter, Charlie (the Shaggy Schnauzer) and  Maisie and we're the dogs behind Dogs About Town.

Jo and Kate (our humans) do most of the typing here because our paws are a bit big for the keyboard and we're pleased to say that our site unashamedly celebrates all that is wonderful (& maybe a bit slobbery) about dogs.  

On Dogs About Town you'll find (uber) cool stuff for your woofer, doggy news, advice  and opinions from the experts as well as our gallery of cute & funny doggy pics and videos.  Designed to be best enjoyed after a walk with a cup or tea (or one of those posh coffees) and biscuit so sit down, relax, wander around our site and let's connect.  We'll bring the wet noses and waggy tails if you bring the questions. At least twice (3 times on a busy week) you'll find new content on our blog.  We like to woof about lots of things but in general we cover;

  • Training Tips (especially puppies)
  • Food / Nutrition
  • Canine Health Issues
  • Charities that we support (or who need a Big Paws Up)
  • Activities / Days Out / Dog Friendly Hotels

Most of the time these updates are published on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays (but please remember we're dogs so we don't have diaries and sometimes these days might change).

On Facebook we publish daily pictures (&  a few videos) that you can enjoy in seconds, except on Saturdays & Sundays when our videos are longer - just about the right length of time for an extra cuppa or even a nice glass of something chilled in the evening.

The shop is where you'll find some of our favourite things.  Kate & Jo have been on the look out for some really cool stuff - from beds & blankets to collars and leads, toys and bowls.  We also asked some our four-pawed friends to write some reviews of the things they have bought as well.

We're very sociable dogs and we love meeting new friends so we'd love to hear from you. We're virtually everywhere and you'll find us on Facebook, here, you can tweet us at @DogsAboutTownUK, email us woof@dogsabouttown.co.uk or even call us, free  on 0800 644 4662.

 We're coming soon on Pinterest and Youtube (we're just getting camera ready!)

We really hope you enjoy wandering around.


Dex, Charlie & Maisie