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Poo Bags Subscription Plan

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From: £3.00 every 2 weeks



Get a supply  of dog poo bags delivered straight to your door.

& never worry about running out again.

And if you’ve experienced the horror of a thin poo bag that lets you down, just when you need it most – don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too!

Too thin, too small, too fragranced, without handles – not all poo bags are created equal.  Add to that, those on rolls, packed flat, biodegradable… the choice is endless, almost.  And who’s got time to test them all and find the best ones?  Well, luckily, we have.

More on that in a bit.  First…

How Often Can the Bags Be Delivered?

That’s up to you.  Choose from fortnightly, monthly or quarterly.  And the number of bags you want each time is up to you as well.  For one or 2 small dogs who don’t need that much walking, 18 dog poo bags every 2 weeks might be the plan for you.  If you’ve got bigger dogs who go on lots of walks, then our biggest seller, 50 bags every 2 weeks is probably your best option.  For larger packs, dog walkers or dog sitters, we have larger options of 150 or 500 bags – that’s a lot of doggy business!

What else should I consider?

  • All deliveries are sent via Royal Mail
  • Up to 50 bags will fit in smaller parcels that will go through the letterbox and be delivered along with your normal post – no waiting around
  • More than 50 bags per delivery will mean a bigger parcel that won’t fit through the letterbox, so you’ll need to be in, or have a safe place for it to be left
  • You can change, pause or cancel your subscription anytime
  • Think about how much space you’ve got to store the bags – if you’ve only got the corner of a kitchen draw to spare, more frequent, smaller deliveries might be the way to go.  But if you’ve got a cupboard just waiting for a job, you might want a less frequently delivered, bigger supply.  the choice is yours!
  • Delivery is free with each subscription.  Be sure to choose the “Free Delivery With Poo Bag Subscriptions” option in your basket.
  • Read our full subscriptions FAQs here

OK, back to the poo bags.   We tested a lot of them.  And we asked some of our customers to test them for us as well. Size, thickness, fragrance, whether or not they had handles were all factors we asked people to look at, as well as overall “does it do the job, well”

And finally, we found the one.

It’s environmentally friendly, has handles (making it easy to tie), is strong and isn’t perfumed – this was surprise to us but the unscented bags were overwhelmingly more popular with our testers.  And if it means fewer chemicals used in the production process, we reckon this must be a good thing.

How does it work?

Simple, you just…

  • Choose the plan to suit you
  • Sign up
  • Sit back & relax, your bags are on their way.
  • Manage your subscription right here – change, pause, cancel anytime.


This is a recurring subscription that will continue unless you pause or cancel.

At this time, we can’t process payments for subscriptions via PayPal, sorry.


Additional information

Number of Bags

18, 50, 150, 500, 1200

How Often

Every 2 Weeks, Monthly, Quarterly, Every 6 Months, Yearly

1 review for Poo Bags Subscription Plan

  1. 5 out of 5

    Firstly, great quality bags. Not so big as to be awkward to carry but thick enough to handle ‘the job’ properly. Handles do make tying the bag much easier.
    Secondly, I made the mistake of trying to use PayPal to handle the subscription, without success.(I’ve since noticed that this is warned against on the web site.) I was pleasantly surprised to get an immediate phone call from the company explaining the problem with PP and I was able to set up the account properly, direct with the supplier. My first lot of bags came very soon after.
    All in all a good start.
    Give it a try.

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