Poo Bag Subscription FAQs

Poo Bag Subscription Plan FAQs

I've got more than 1 dog, can I still sign up?  Yes, no problem.  You choose how many poo bags you want and how often you'd like them delivered and we'll get right on it, so no-one misses out.


Can I have a monthly delivery instead? Sure thing. You can choose between fortnightly, monthly or quarterly deliveries.  Packages of 150 bags and over will come in a larger box, so you'll probably need to be in when it arrives, or arrange for it to be left in a safe place.

Do I have to create an account? When you sign up, an account is automatically created for you.  This is where you can update your details, change your plan,  pause, cancel or re-start your subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription? Yes, of course.  You can cancel or pause anytime on your account page, or email us at woof@dogsabouttown.co.uk.

When will my delivery arrive? We'll process your subscription on the day you order it and from then on, it should arrive on a Tuesday or Wednesday, depending upon Royal Mail.  You choose between every 2 weeks,  monthly or quarterly deliveries.  

My delivery hasn't arrived, what should I do? Let us know asap at woof@dogsabouttown.co.uk or call us on 0800 644 4662.

How do you take payment? We use SagePay, one of the world's leading payment providers.  They are expert at keeping your details safe. Depending on the plan you choose, you'll be charged each fortnight, month or quarter unless you cancel. Payment dates will be each subsequent fortnight, month or quarter after your sign up date.  

Can I use PayPal?  Not right now, sorry.  

How Often Will I Be Charged?   This is a subscription plan and depending on which plan you choose, you will be charged on a recurring basis either weekly or monthly.  If you sign up for a weekly plan, you will be charged each week.  If you are on a monthly plan, you'll be charged each month.  For both plans, you can pause, cancel or re-start at any time.

You're always in control.

A Quick Word About Packaging:

The world's resources are precious, so  whenever we can, we like to reuse packaging that we get sent.  

Things like those polystyrene chips, shredded paper or bubble wrap.  

We also try to choose the most environmentally cardboard boxes we can and this means that sometimes, you'll get a box that looks too big for it's contents. But rest assured, we've done our homework and picked the best option we can, plus any packing that we use to fill the box is likely to be on its second use. Phew.

The larger boxes also make a great interactive toy for your dog.  Once it's empty of goodies, why not pop a few treats inside, turn it over and then let your dog work their way in to the yummy treats?  We don't recommend using the filling as a toy or to hide the treats in and please don't leave your gorgeous pooch unattended with the box.

Privacy:  Your privacy is important to use and your details will never be shared.  By signing up to our site you agree to us sending news and offers from Dogsabouttown.co.uk or selected third party partners that we, in our sole discretion believe to be relevant to you, based on your subscription and use of dogsabouttown.co.uk.  You can see our Privacy Policy in full  here.

Purchases and Payments: www.dogsabouttown.co.uk uses SagePay to take payment from you when you purchase something from our store.  Payment security is our priority and SagePay has the highest level of card data security (PCI DSSLevel 1 Compliant) so our customers can trade with peace of mind and shoppers are protected against fraud.  Dogs About Town is a subsidiary of Ellicis Hotels Limited whose registered office address is:31a High Street, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, HP5 1BW Tel: 0800 644 4662. Ellicis Hotels Limited is responsible for the processing of chargebacks and refunds as agreed in line with our returns policy.  Refunds will be processed via your chosen payment payment.  No products purchased from www.dogsabouttown.co.uk may be offered for re-sale on third party websites including, but not exclusive to, Amazon and E-Bay.

Product Testing:  From time to time Dogs About Town requires testers for our new products. Applications will be requested and reviewed on a case by case basis dependent upon need.  All applicants will be advised by email whether or not they have been selected.  No discussion will be entered in to and Dogs About Town decision is final.  Product Testers will be required to submit a written review and complete the Testing questionnaire (supplied) as well as supply a minimum of 2 photos of their dog using the product.  Testers agree that Dogs About Town can use reviews and photos as they see fit on any of their managed platforms including www.dogsabouttown.co.uk and all Dogs About Town social media platforms.

Charitable Donations: Each year Dogs About Town gives 5% of their annual profits to selected charities in the form of product donations.  See Dogs About Town Happy Hounds for full details. We can only give to registered charities. Monthly charities will be chosen by Dogs About Town, no discussion can be entered in to and our decision is final. If you don't get selected, its OK to try again. We can only include an organisation once per year. Dogs About Town reserves the right to withdraw an organisation's selection and exclude that organisation from donations if we become aware of unethical practices. This a discretionary initiative and Dogs About Town reserves the right to cease charitable donations at any time.

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Dogs About Town is a subsidiary of Ellicis Hotels Limited whose registered office address is: 31a High Street, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, HP5 1BW Tel: 0800 644 4662.If you want a  more information about anything on this site, get in touch at woof@dogsabouttown.co.uk  or call us on 0800 644 4662. Kate and Jo are real people who love dogs,  love talking about their dogs & hearing about yours.